Underground : Finding the Light to Freedom

Dear Reader-

In so many ways the simplicity of this book says it all. This experience for me as an author and illustrator was one of the more dynamic experiences in my career. This journey for me was truly one through the lives of a people searching for freedom in their hearts and souls. These journeys lead me "home" in so many ways back to my own community today. If we look around us we can see the spirit of what this movement represented. The idea of freedom is a powerful one that in many ways in this world has a duality; this quiet journey of "underground" reflects that in a powerful way. This book not only pays homage to the many that decided to "steal away to freedom" in the 1800's, it pays homage to those that continue the fight for freedom today.

Having been an author and illustrator of more than 30 books, this work to represents a new beginning much like that of the characters in this book. The recognition of a NEW SUN as it rises over a NEW HORIZON. I urge you to look out at the sky that surrounds your own community and ask the question... "how can I lead someone to freedom?"

Thank you for sharing in this experience.

Shane W. Evans

Rising!!!- New book by author illustrator Shane W. Evans

  • Telling the story without overwhelming readers is a delicate task, but Evans walks the line perfectly.” Publishers Weekly
  • “Powerfully expressive imagery will sweep young viewers into this suspenseful journey... Kurkus Reviews
  • “a compelling emotional taste of the experience of escaping to a new life The Bulletin
  • “Dramatic illustrations...show a child's view of fleeing and hiding in the night Booklist Online
  • Evans has created a book in which the emotional experience of the journey north is dominant. Chicago Tribune